The black body

Vinia, on each rock gave the shape of a black woman. Then like a good witch after letting them play by staggering through the water, he collected them, dried them leaving only their inner moisture, and hung them in absolute white, like space creatures, hovering from lack of gravity, black bodies like black light lava . Erotic and unruly, exuberant and fragrant, lonely and bold, bodies of lust and seduction, the women of Vinia Kontaxaki ready to explode, in a thousand voluptuous aromas of music of all sounds.

She shapes her form with intensity and precision, with simple materials on huge papers, with hands that bleed from the roughness of the material, leaving thousands of fingerprints of black on black, and gray, and another gray.

In their ecstatic innocence, the sensual nudity of Vinia, washes our soul like pure water, idealizing the image of the female body, as they lead us to a voyeuristic condition- mood.

It is probably the most colorful black I have ever seen in painting. Hello my dear.

Thessaloniki 18 May 2002
Dimitris Xonoglou