My dear Xanthippi

I was not lucky enough to enjoy your creative presence at the School of Architecture, but I was given the opportunity to meet you at the place where you dedicate your great passion, at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.

As a gesture of thanks, I made you a magic car, a smart. It listens to all your desires and it fulfills them. It can be minimized so you can carry it in your bag or be transformed to the most comfortable racing car, it does not need gasoline or oil, it works with your breath. It has the ability to spread its wings so you can fly in the colorful skies of Kandinsky that you like so much or land in the Sahara of visual reality and like another Robinhood search for an oasis of artists and sponsors. Or it can even be a microphone in a left psalter and like a humble “queen of Sava”, to sweeten our anxieties with your psalms. This smart, knows how to talk and how to listen, you can entrust your ghosts on it and it will drive them away, it can get angry if you want, scream, become melodic and unruly.

Xanthippi, I left the keys in that closet of your intellect and your special psyche.

With love
Dimitris Xonoglou
Thessaloniki 2011